Crossness Sewage Works


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5 Jul 2021
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OK so it's not a foreign video it's some local stills, but arguably it's nerdy! I mentioned before about Victorian engineering so here are some shots of the old sewage pumping station at Crossness. Now bear in mind that this place is miles from anywhere (partly because of the smell, and partly because it has to be down-river of the capital), and that it was never intended to be visited by the general public. And yet it was ostentatiously designed and built with no expense spared, both inside and out. Only a few visiting engineers were expected to see it. Well worth a visit if you can catch one of their Open Days, but drive there as it's very difficult by public transport. Dig out that old Covid mask and have a really good day out in a proper shit place! :)



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24 May 2022
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Whatever else you might say about the Victorians, they did things with style.
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