My new torch!


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4 Jun 2021
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I feel like a kid with a new toy writing about this. :LOL:

Anyway, I've got several small and cheap LED torches that I've bought from the supermarket over time. When they work, they're bright enough to do the job, especially as I only need to light up dark corners like the inside of a PC, under the desk, in a cupboard etc most of the time rather than a room, or something further away. Trouble is, being cheap and nasty, they flicker, go dim and even cut out, having to tap them all the time to make them actually work properly for just a few seconds which is really annoying. Some even died completely and got thrown away. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to fix this either. So, I figured I'd buy myself something decent.

I like the Duracell brand for its black and copper look and build quality, so ended up buying the torch below for £12.95 from Amazon. I was initially looking at a 1000 lumen version of this torch, but figured that it might be a bit bright as it can light a room up like a main light bulb. So, I ripped this out of its blister pack (one has to pretty much destroy it) and tried it out.

Oh boy, is it bright! 😮 Even at 250 lumens it lights up the room, so it turns out to actually be too bright for my needs, with no way to turn down the brightness. However, that's not too much of a problem and I might buy a weaker torch to complement it, we'll see. I'll make sure it's of good quality and perhaps another Duracell.

Of course, having great build quality it has a decent heft in the hand from its aluminium shell and no flicker either, so mission complete.

Note that the packaging has a warning not to look directly into the beam and they're not kidding: eye damage could surely result from doing so. Interestingly, there's only one tiny square LED doing the heavy lifting and if left on for a bit it generates enough heat for the torch to get quite warm. Such power from just three small AAA batteries, wow.

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