Study finds that some takeaway meals contain more calories than daily limit


5 Aug 2022
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I'm partial to buying chips (or fries for americans) whenever I go to town & honestly don't think I could compare people's behaviour to the eating epidemic at least in my area.


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13 Apr 2022
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The problem with dining out is you really don't know what's in your food and how to count the calories or fat content. You can only make assumptions, like if you ordered a cheesecake, that would be 1000 calories plus and that's if you finished off the whole slice. That's an easier known guess, but guessing your chow mien is light on calories, you might be fooled because of what calorie additives are in there to make it taste good.

My dh and I stopped dining out when the Omicron variant started...then it became somewhat permanent and delightful to be at home, no traffic, and no annoying experiences dining out. Now we've purposely chosen to cook our own food so we know what's in it, no hidden surprises like acheta protein too. Only on rare occasions do we get take out and only from places we presume have higher standards.:unsure:

My vice is organic vegan white chocolate.
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