Activision Blizzard Sued By California Over Widespread Harassment Of Women


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13 Jun 2021
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If even half of these accusations are historically accurate, let alone currently true, it's surprising Activision Blizzard have produced any actual software...
The lawsuit highlights multiple instances of harassment and discrimination that are "a violation of state civil rights"
Full article on Kotaku

My favourite part is in their response:
"We’ve updated our Code of Conduct to emphasize a strict non-retaliation focus..."
...Because (a) a company that actually needs to "emphasise a strict non-retaliation focus" in its Code of Conduct has some serious effing issues, and (b) this quote forms part of their retaliation against the report.

Also, isn’t:
Employees must also undergo regular anti-harassment training and have done so for many years.
essentially a tacit admission that they have - or have had - a serious workplace harassment problem?


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4 Jun 2021
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Ouch. Looks like someone got into trouble over this.
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