Alec Baldwin faces fresh manslaughter charge over 'Rust' shooting


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4 Jun 2021
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This intriguing story just refuses to go away.

I fail to see how Alec Baldwin could be guilty here since the gun wasn't supposed to have live rounds in it, so it's immaterial whether he pulled that trigger or not. The real question is who put them in there and how and why, which is still unanswered.

Now, the scene wasn't meant to be a shooting scene, he was just supposed to point the gun at someone and draw back the hammer, so how did the gun go off? That remains an unanswered question since Baldwin maintains that he never pulled the trigger, but an examination of the gun proved that it couldn't have fired without him having pulled it, contradicting him. Hence, we have two possibilities here:

1. His finger twitched involuntarily and pulled the trigger by accident. This is surprisingly easy to do when lightly pressing something. For example, this happens to me with my thumb over the side PC mouse buttons, hence I've disabled them. He may then have not been aware of having pulled the trigger, but the odds suggest that he would have.

2. He knows he pulled it and why, but is lying about it. Note that the why can still be the reason in point 1.

Again though, whether he pulled that trigger or not is immaterial, because blanks should have been loaded into that gun, or perhaps no ammo at all, given that the scene wasn't a shooting one.

The only reason that I can see for Baldwin being liable, is in conspiracy theory territory, where him and others intentionally killed Halyna Hutchins and used this as a cover-up. However, it's a very bad way to go about it and there's been no suggestion he or others intended it, or had motive, so I don't think we have to consider this possibility.

I can only think that this lawsuit is going ahead perhaps, due to things that haven't been reported that they know about which may change the picture significantly.



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13 Apr 2022
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I'm perplexed that he's being charged again? I thought this went through federal and civil courts already, though admittedly, I haven't followed the trial progress very close, except to hear the outcomes. My main relocation is hearing about the lack of firearm safety issues by the crew in charge of it.
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