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1 Jul 2021
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Smart speakers are pretty popular, can do quite a bit but sometimes what should be simple, is awkward.

Playing local stored music (or video) is not so easy.

I have some music and videos stored on a device within my network, this is easily accessible via a web page as media served using apache2 http and https

Strangely, using an Amazon Echo Show I can open their silk browser, manually enter my local address, save it as a bookmark, then open the menu page to play any movie or song. The small screen makes it a wee bit impractical for video but useful nevertheless.

Now doing this I can only play one file at a time, fine for video but not for music. If I incorporate a playlist instead of playing mp3 in the browser it wants to launch a media play and the Amazon screen hasn't got one.

Anyone played with this at all?

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