Amazon gets royally sued by America


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4 Jun 2021
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Amazon has been accused of being naughty for endulging in monopoly practices - something that will surprise no one - so let's see if they wriggle out of it.

The US government and 17 states are suing Amazon in a landmark monopoly case reflecting years of allegations that the e-commerce giant abused its economic dominance and harmed fair competition.

The groundbreaking lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission and 17 attorneys general marks the government’s sharpest attack yet against Amazon, a company that started off selling books on the internet but has since become known as “the everything store,” expanding into selling a vast range of consumer products, creating a globe-spanning logistics network and becoming a powerhouse in other technologies such as cloud computing.

The 172-page complaint alleges Amazon unfairly promotes its own platform and services at the expense of third-party sellers who rely on the company’s e-commerce marketplace for distribution.



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13 Apr 2022
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No duh....have fun with your lawsuit Amazon. o_O

@Retro ....I would have missed this news, thanks for sharing!
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