Benchmark suggestions for massive bench test


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4 Oct 2022
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Hi folks,

I'm just about to embark on a project that's going to take a while to complete - running benchmarks on the following cards:

AGP 9600xt from 2003 (tested - dead)
AGP 9800 pro from 2003,
AGP 7300 GT from 2006 (tested - dead)
AGP 7800 GS+ from 2006,
PCI-E 7950 GT from 2006,
AGP x1950 pro from 2006 (tested - dead)
PCI-E HD 3850 from 2007,
AGP HD 3850 from 2008,
AGP HD 4650 from 2008,
PCI-E HD 4850 from 2008,
PCI-E HD 6870 from 2010

These are the only cards I have to hand, so can't add more even if I wanted to! all will be running the last available drivers for each card having first DDU'd the previous card's drivers off. Some of these cards support higher than DirectX9, but as some don’t, I am not using benchmarks that run on a DirectX version higher than 9 so i'm using Win XP SP3 as I normally do, and the system i'm using is:

E7600 Core 2 Duo @ stock 3.06ghz
About 3.35GB of 4GB DDR2 Hyper-X in dual channel
8xAGP & 4xPCI-E slots. Considering the speed of the cards i'm hoping there won't de too much of a throttle on the PCIE slot - but I guess i'll find out!

I'm using 3dmark 2001se, 3dmark03, 3dmark05, aquamark3. Game benchmarks will be far cry 2 set to optimal at 1080p and 720p, lost planet 2, stalker: call of pripyat (medium settings), world in conflict (medium settings), crysis (medium settings), Half Life 2: Lost Coast (maximum settings) and FEAR (medium settings).

All tests to be run at 1024x768 to give the lower cards a chance and the faster ones opportunity to shine. It's also more representative of 'the age'. I'm conscious most of the game tests i currently have are from FPS games, so any other DX9 benchmarks/games with benchmarks suggestions welcomed! Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Colin McRae Dirt are on the way for their benchmarks.

Any suggestions on alterations to the lineup? The combination of cards and benchmarks (running each test 3 times) is already going to take ages to get through as and when I can find the time, but suggestions welcome!


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4 Jun 2021
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Hi RetroK, just wondering how this project is coming along. :)

Benchmarking lots of cards is a lot of work, so I can understand why it might be delayed.


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4 Oct 2022
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Ah yes. That turned into
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