Big Numbers, Big Numbers


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1 Jul 2021
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With Governments across the World spending billions on wars and pharmaceuticals along with infrastructure it is worth pondering something.

UK Government currently owes over £2 trillion, how many people have any comprehension as to what a trillion is?

One trillion seconds is thirty thousand (30,000) years, all Governments I know of, both left and right talk of living within our means but not one has a hope in hell of repaying outstanding debt, it continues to grow.

Are we heading for quadrillion? US Government owes over $30 trillion.



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21 Jun 2023
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I'm watching who are the latest countries joining BRICS.
Yup NWO which uses communism via not putting a cap on what a company can charge an individual, yet their wages dont go up to compensate for the charges for goods and services.

Basically Gov puts stipulations on companies but doesnt stop them from gouging the public, which keeps the head of company rich and stock holders rich. Then companies cap whan an employee can make...

Its all a fucking mess this world is now.

I see a WW3 coming and it will be Armageddon.

They want everyone in bread lines, powerless to overthrow corrupt governments.

Whats funny is all those nations move drugs and even the us gov officials in dc are in on it. Thats why they wont do anything to stop chyna or control the us boarders...


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4 Jun 2021
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I've just looked up BRICS and can tell you that Russia isn't dominating anyone's economy. :ROFLMAO: From what I've been hearing in the news, China's economy isn't doing so well either, although, of course, they don't have masses of Western sanctions against them like Russia does.

Brazil's finally gotten rid of the extremely corrupt Jair Bolsonaro, so let's see if his replacement is any better.

And India? Let's just call that one middle-of-the-road Standard Corruption for a better description. At least it has some kind of democracy.

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