Breakthrough: repairing the brain with 3D printed cells


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4 Jun 2021
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This is a real medical advancement. 3D printing replacement brain cells, man that's something. :cool:

A new 3D printer breakthrough could offer hope to the millions worldwide who live with brain injuries, researchers have claimed.

A team at the University of Oxford demonstrated for the first time that brain cells can be 3D-printed to "mimic the architecture of the cerebral cortex".

They fabricated a two-layered brain tissue by 3D-printing human neural stem cells.

When these printed structures were implanted into mouse brain slices, the cells integrated well with the host tissue.

Lead author Dr Yongcheng Jin, from the university's department of chemistry, said: "This advance marks a significant step towards the fabrication of materials with the full structure and function of natural brain tissues.

"The work will provide a unique opportunity to explore the workings of the human cortex, and in the long term, it will offer hope to individuals who sustain brain injuries."



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28 Nov 2022
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If this works it could be a massive improvement to so many people's quality of life.
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