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1 Jul 2021
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I've had a recent play with chat GPT ( ) and google's version and must say so far impressed.

I guess Alexa and other smart speakers have got us used to human type question., eg, we ask 'Alexa, what will the weather be like in Edgware tomorrow?' whereas 'Alexa, weather Edgware tomorrow' will get the same result. I've heard many people refer to Alexa as a person saying 'she says this' (not sure about google).

What I think now may evolve is the normal search engines will be used for searching and AI facilities will be used for asking questions. We've always used google type searches for questions but usually had to use advanced techniques or boolean options,

I've asked these two questions recently;

1. Why do railways favour overhead power pick up rather than a third rail system.
2. Why do aircraft and ships use knots instead of miles or kilometers.

Answers to both very impressive as show by two links below.




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4 Jun 2021
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I've had a bit of a play and the natural language is impressive to the point where I can't tell this AI from a person. Perhaps one telltale is it's perfect impartiality and style, with every answer reading like an encyclopia entry.
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