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4 Jun 2021
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I've just finished watching the 91 episode, 5 series comedy spy adventure called Chuck.

It was generally very good, entertaining escapism and I enjoyed watching it, but unfortunately, I can't recommend it because of how the series finished in the last ever episode. Spoilers necessarily follow, hence the spoiler tag below.

This is mostly a silly comedy, a feelgood show where the good guys win and a really silly premise of downloading massive amounts of data to one's brain called the Intersect which gives one superhuman abilities, especially spy skills. Definitely one for kids of all ages, ahem.

One surprise downer is the picture quality, although that didn't affect the score I gave it. It's obviously shot on film and even though it's billed as HD, it's not really as it's not sharp at all and the picture often has a lot of grain in it. Pausing it makes the grain even more obvious and something that shouldn't be visible in a modern production. Given the era that it was made in, 2007 - 2011, HD video for high quality pictures was available so this should have been used. Perhaps they were saving money on production costs?

This article explains in some detail exactly why the ending ruined the show and they're clearly as pissed off about it as me. Leaving an ambiguous ending like that is totally unnecessary and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. I'm quite frustrated about it and wouldn't have wasted my time watching 91 episodes only to be left feeling like this. I feel had and that's not a nice feeling. For this reason, I give it a 2 / 10 instead of the 8 / 10 I would have otherwise.

Here's the crux of it from the article:

And… that’s it. That’s how Chuck ends. Chuck and Sarah, kissing on a beach. Does she ever get her memories back? We never find out.

After the finale aired, series creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak told TVLine that they liked the ambiguity of the scene, with Fedak saying, “I think it’s certainly a happy ending, but I also think that we like a little bit of ambiguity. Leave it up to the Chuck fans to take their own individual impression away.”

That's not a "little bit of ambiguity", it's taking the piss with one massive one. Note that they don't explain why they like this ambiguity, which is telling of bad intentions of trolling their viewers.

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