DALLE2, AI text to image machine - ideas


17 Sep 2022
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The universe was kind to me and I am one of the lucky ones allowed to have access to DALLE2. As my greeting gift to the forum, I’d like to feed it some of your ideas! So make a reply to this thread with what you would like it to create.

In case there are some who aren’t familiar with this system, it is an advanced AI built by OpenAI which takes natural human language as an input and processes it to create an original image/piece of art as output. For example: “A lonely middle-aged man sitting in a café late at night reading a book and sipping coffee, digital art.” Then, voila, that’s what you’ll get.

This is gonna be fun!

(I’ll post the images here if the file sizes aren’t too large, otherwise I’ll link them)


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4 Jun 2021
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Sounds like a great idea. Would it be possible to use all or parts of my nerdiest article to date with this AI? You might be interested in the subject too, as I don't think many people think about it like this.

I had a member go into a logical meltdown over it some time back when I gently challenged them on their objections. "But you can hear it, the signal is analog!!" they ranted, in slightly difference words. They just didn't get the concept of analog compatible digital signals.



5 Aug 2022
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Very neat, but there's very few people for these pictures. These are some i've seen online

I don't think AI's are actually reliable for good quality imagery now because of how quickly they adapt to sentience. Laughably they probably need to understand emotions behind images to actually do large crowds or cartoons proper.
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