Difference between Windows 10 and Windows Server 2022


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4 Jun 2021
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The server version is basically Windows 10 with knobs on. It does all the same things and then some with the server features added, making it a little bit awesome. Oh and there's no free upgrade like Microsoft does with the desktop versions. Instead, it has various eye watering price tags. However, you can run the demo for 6 months before product activation kills it off, so you can at least have a play with it.

Have you ever wanted to run it instead of the desktop version since it's a superset of it? Well, in principle you can and it's actually compatible with everything since it's just regular Windows at its core, but the problem there is that various third party programs refuse to run on a server OS due to licensing issues and this loss can be pretty significant. This is what I found out when I tried it once. Not worth it in my opinion.

Even if there's a way to get around the restriction (generally illegal to try and circumvent it if you care about that) it's going to be a constant cat and mouse game as updates to the apps and OS are made, plus a different solution will have to be found for every difficullt app, again, making it not worth it in my opinion, a real shame.

Check out Thio Joe's take on Windows Server. I especially liked how he just enabled everything for comparison purposes, when one isn't normally supposed to do that for security and performance purposes.

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