Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Remade in UE5 Looks Incredible in demo video


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24 May 2022
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Well, it couldn't look worse than the super-shoddy remake they had with AI-upscaled graphics that ruined some key places!

I personally thought that, dodgy upscaling aside, the intentional look the GTA games had was a particularly stylised one, rather than a hyper-focus on realism and personally that worked better for me for the setting.

The problem with the current hyper-realism focus is that you really *really* need the artists with the talent to make it look photorealistic, and do that everywhere. Because more than with a stylised look, people will notice the uncanny valley sooner with a hyperrealistic look when it's not actually perfect.

It is interestingly why some CGI work still holds up today and looks good, and why some really doesn't.


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4 Jun 2021
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I love that creepy feeling of the uncanny valley. I like to show these things to friends sometimes and see their reactions. The less they understand about technology, the more they freak out which can be hilarious.

And talking of making graphics look good, a simple 32x32 grid with 64 colours displaying a face can look good with the right artistic look applied to it, so it's not true that the highest specs are always required for good looking graphics. The graphical skills of the artist are just as important.


22 Jun 2022
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In Remake GTA San Andreas, the mission is to remain the same like old mode, or are all missions changing?
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