Has your musical taste stagnated after the age of 30?


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4 Jun 2021
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According to this study, it has. Not me though, I'm way past 30 and yet listen to the most modern trance and electronica in general. I still like the classic stuff too (electronic and traditional), of course, but I remain open to good music, whenever it was created. Just check out my music section for a snapshot of what I like to listen to and the new stuff I'm finding all the time.

There’s a reason your grandparents still listen to Elvis, your mom still loves Bon Jovi, and you still have a strange affiliation with the crap bands you liked when you were 14.

A recent survey by the music streaming service Deezer asked 1,000 people in the UK about their musical preferences and their streaming habits. According to their findings, people tend to experience a “musical paralysis” at around the age of 30.5, whereby they stop listening to new artists or genres and tend to stick to what they know.



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13 Apr 2022
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I like a wide range of music, however, to some degree still consider my favorite music from certain decades as a preference. I do not have "musical paralysis" as mentioned in the article. I'm still open to new music.


5 Aug 2022
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A lot of it yeah. Sometimes I'll find a magazine and it'll give a rare suggestion, though we don't have pandora and such and I don't have a music recommender. In a way it's better? I keep a ear open and music after the 10s generally isn't to my taste and standard. Because I like rock, it's easier to find music through trending covers of 60s songs. The Nowhere Man video was really good for finding the right balance of 10s.


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28 Nov 2022
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It is hard for me to honestly answer this as I have always enjoyed a vast array of music and still do today. I'm over 30, so it may technically not be a growing list, but with nearly all genres on the list to begin with, it would be hard to tell.
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