How do kids appear in horror films without being traumatised?


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4 Jun 2021
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I've never thought of this one before. Here's how they do it.

Two scary little girls.jpg
Possessed 11 year old sisters in The Shining. They were pretty creepy, I must say.

As somebody who absolutely loves kids and thinks they’re great fun, there is nothing scarier in a horror film than some spooky kids. There is something uniquely terrifying about those innocent little faces being present in a horror film that I just can’t shake off.

With this in mind, I’ve always wondered just how scary the children playing these roles find their jobs? Are they also chilled to the bone? Do they understand the impact that they’re having on full-blown adults with their acting?

Well, the answer is complicated.



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13 Apr 2022
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Interesting, I had no idea. I have wondered how children aren't traumatized but always wrote it off that the children usually had actor/actress parents and were all too familiar with the craft to be anything other than fascinated and wanting to be like their parents. I'm glad to see a lot of precautions are taken for the children but was sorry to read about Linda Blair's experience and back injury. That I didn't know.
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