How to go from a low profile GPU to full profile GPU


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4 Oct 2022
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Have you ever bought or been given a low profile card for your computer, only to find it won't fit because yours is not a low profile PC case? In this case I did it semi-deliberately to see if my plan would work.. All you need is tape, a drill (with drill bits), and a file. Or grinding bits. Oh, and one of those spare blanking plates that fills up the card slot from the back of your PC - you definitely need one of those.
This is how I replaced a low profile graphics card bracket to make it a full profile card:
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4 Jun 2021
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That's clever use of the old bracket as a template - and quick and scrappy does the job.

That must have taken about an hour or so to do, so I've got a quick tip which could potentially save you a lot of bother.

It's possible that the graphics card didn't work, especially as it's old and used, which you would have only found out after creating the new bracket for it, wasting all that time and effort. Instead, you could turn the PC on its side so that the card would sit vertically in the slot. Then, bend back the tab on the low profile bracket while still attached and insert the card. It will be a bit wobbly like that, but it should be good enough for you to test it out first.

And finally, I do like your irreverent presentation style. Very engaging. :cool:
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