I just facepalmed to this one


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4 Jun 2021
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This rather silly 72 year old woman, Mary Ryland, lost 10 grand over time to a Bitcoin scammer with bad English posing as an English actor. Seriously, how could she fall for it? I mean, anyone that sends me a message that reads in fully broken English "so sorry bitcoin doesn't not work like Bank", and I'm out. You can bet there were loads like that, but she let them all slide.

Oh and the bank refused to give her money back because she "was of sound mind". I think that's debatable. I really don't see why banks are liable when their customers are fooled, especially by obvious cons like this. However, I still hope she can get something back as I don't think it's right that someone should be punished just for being stupid, especially not at this age where the effects of the financial loss and awful mental health issues it creates are usually permanent.

Actor and scammee.jpg

Left: Outlander actor Sam Heughan. Right: Scammee.

@Mars this one's for you, especially. Enjoy.


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13 Apr 2022
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It's a shame anyway. You worry about the elderly being in "sound mind" when they pick up the phone or respond to spammy emails. This is a discussion I have often with my mom.
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