I'm so glad we've got a strong military in this country

The documentary below really brought home just how important our military are to the safety and security of our country, the UK in my case. However, in these cash strapped times, it's easy to wonder if we really need to spend quite so much on it and also keep that expensive nuclear arsenal. The answer is a resounding yes! The reason for this is that otherwise we'll just get invaded by hostile forces which will then be so much more expensive and in so many more ways than just money, think people being murdered, houses destroyed, cities levelled etc. Basically, the atrocities that are happening in Ukraine, Israel, Syria and elsewhere.


Stated in the excellent 6 part documentary below about the RAF that I've watched, those hostile forces constantly threatening the UK are mostly Russia. They showed how Russia and only Russia constantly send planes our way to spy on us and to test our response capabilities. If we ever let up on this, they might just be tempted to invade and NATO be damned. Of course, all the other branches of the military like the navy, army and cyberdefence are all very important, but the most important is the RAF, since air superiority is what prevents wars and also wins them.

So, maintaining a strong military is very expensive, but not doing so is incomparably more.



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13 Apr 2022
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Totally agree and have always respected the RAF and Royal Navy. I'll take a look at your documentary when I have more time. Thank you for sharing.


5 Aug 2022
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I've seen this documentary, it's a fantastic insight to the determination of the RAF to keep us safe. They work 24/7 to make sure the country is safe and its our crowning achievement, maybe comparable to the navy.
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