Installing Windows 11 on Unsupported Hardware


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4 Jun 2021
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The fact is that computers 10-15 years old can run Windows 10 just fine and do the basics like browse the web, run Office and play many games and apps with good or acceptable performance. Yet, Microsoft has chosen to shut them out of its latest operating system, Windows 11, allegedly for security reasons.

I'm currently rocking an 11 year old 2700K based PC with 16GB RAM, an RTX 2080 SUPER graphics card, plus that old PC has no hardware issues. It's still really fast on the desktop and can even play most games just fine* with only the latest games, and the especially resource hungry ones, running at a slow framerate. All this, plus I even created NerdZone using it and am currently writing this post with it too, so it's hardly obsolete. It's just Microsoft and the hardware PC industry who want it to be to get more money out of users.

This video guide from the world's nerdiest YouTuber, Christopher Barratt of ExplainingComputers, clearly explains how to jump through the right hoops to install Windows 11 on your old, unsupported PC and save you hundreds, maybe thousands, of pounds or dollars in hardware upgrades.

Note that Microsoft might start getting funny with updates or other software or hardware issues pop up over time due to the aged hardware, so go into this with your eyes open.

This guide is so handy, that I've pinned this post for easy access.

*My recent purchase of a G-SYNC compatible monitor has extended that life further by ensuring that even lower framerates play smoothly, so no need for it to meet the refresh rate of a fixed rate high refresh monitor, which it may not be able to do. 60fps really is the minimum required for smooth gameplay, though.

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13 Apr 2022
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Thanks for sharing! I have windows 11, but not too thrilled with it. It's a bit quirky and the updates concern me at times on how they are going to frick-up my computer since I have alienware which is also quirky by itself.
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