Monster Milky Way black hole photographed for the first time


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4 Jun 2021
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The supermassive monster black hole at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy has been photographed for the first time.

It weighs 4 million times the mass of our sun and it's about to swallow us whole!! Err, no, it's 26000 light years away, so not quite. However, we are orbiting it. Just how powerful is that gravity to bind us at such a colossal distance though?! It's hard to comprehend. Simply incredible and our BH is tiddly compared to the first one ever photographed: Messier 87 at 6.5 billion solar masses is 1000 bigger. Can't comprehend this? Me, neither. They go even bigger, too.

Read all about it below.


Veritasium has also covered this news and explains the physics of how the black hole appears to us due to the extreme gravitational lensing and distortions that it generates. Fascinating. Full nerd.