New Micron NAND flash could bring about fast, high capacity next gen SSDs


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4 Jun 2021
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Looking forward to these. They might finally kill off HDDs if this development continues. Shame in a way, as I have soft spot for them. They're a real marvel of electro mechanical engineering.

Micron has revealed it has developed 3D NAND flash with a whopping 232 layers, which will enter full-scale production later this year.

Described by Micron as ‘the world’s most advanced NAND’, the storage device is formed by splicing together two 3D NAND chips, making for a capacity of 128GB (1Tb).

The company has not yet provided performance specs for its 232-layer device, but implied that speeds will exceed those of its current 3D NAND products, paving the way for rapid and capacious new SSDs.

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