NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti 8GB review - so lame, Gamers Nexus facepalms all the way through it!


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4 Jun 2021
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The RTX 4060 Ti 8GB is the weakest next gen launch in a long time, barely outperforming the 3060 Ti that it replaces and in some cases actually running a bit slower when running at 4K especially. That poor 4K performance would rule it out for me. I've got a 2080 SUPER which isn't in the benchmarks, so I can't compare, but it sounds like it might actually be slower even though it's two generations newer, so not an upgrade except on new architecture features.

Steve Burke of Gamers Nexus just can't get over just how bad this card is and really doesn't hold back in his criticism. It's hilarious watching this review just to see Steve facepalming all the way through it! :ROFLMAO: The core problem seems to be the narrow 128-bit data bus that NVIDIA has hamstrung this card with.

Now, next month NVIDIA releases a 16GB variant (just $20 worth of extra RAM) for $100 more, so it will be interesting to see how well that does. I can tell you that where the GPU or GPU data bus are the bottleneck, that extra RAM will do sod all, so don't expect this card to be transformed. Where loads of textures need to be loaded, it should be significantly improved.

If you're in the market for a graphics card upgrade, the RTX 4070 is a much better choice and worth stretching for.

The teardown video. At least it's easy to take apart, as if that matters.
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