P&O Ferries will not face criminal proceedings for mass sacking of staff with zero notice


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4 Jun 2021
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Funny that. They blatantly broke the law, citing alleged cash flow problems bad enough that they would put the company out of business, yet now are boasting about record profits. They clearly lied, yet somehow this isn't a criminal matter? 800 people were fired and with zero notice too, against the law. That's 800 lives and the ones who depend on them upended by instant financial problems, all so that P&O could hire cheap labour below minimum wage for bigger profits. I wonder what backhanders were given to make this happen.

I doubt this would have happened under a Labour government.

I can only hope that the civil case wins, but I'm not hopeful, due to the corruption.



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24 May 2022
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They also posted record profits this year. Funny that.

There is some noise about trying to get around minimum wage laws and the UK is apparently introducing new laws to prevent the kind of circumvention going on here, but the only thing so far that P&O did was not follow proper process and consultation in offloading those workers.

But Shapps can’t do a lot about it and P&O know it.
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