Passport and ID Photos


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1 Jul 2021
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Technology is quite amazing nowadays, needed to renew my UK passport, here same image used for Drivers Licence.

Used a service called and didn't have to visit one of those photo booths they have in supermarkets. Just take a selfie with your mobile, background doesn't matter. An AI sequence takes your facial image and makes the background automatically compliant. The only awkward bit is getting the lighting correct with no shadows and making sure you look at the lens, not necessarily the mobile phone image. If the image fails the quality test you just take another with your phone and upload that. I ended up doing about eight till I got it right.

Once successful your are sent a code which the UK passport office accepts so no photos need to be sent. If the photo needs verifying as a true likeness this too is all done online as I verified one recently for a friend. I got an email with a passport office link, this opens the image which I then verify.

As I didn't require any printed copies cost was just over £3 here in UK.

Wonder if 'Beam me up Scotty' will ever become a reality.

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