Reform UK under pressure to prove all its candidates were real people


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4 Jun 2021
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One can only imagine a headline like this about Reform UK lol. Let's see if they were all real people after they've been investigated.

Disappointingly, this rather fake AI generated looking picture of Mark Matlock turns out to be of a real person. I'd have loved the scandal if he was fake. See the article for the full size version.


Reform UK has come under pressure to provide evidence its candidates at the general election were all real people after doubts were raised about a series of hopefuls who stood without providing any photos, biographies or contact details.

Reform insists every one of its 609 candidates on 4 July were real, while accepting that some were in effect “paper candidates” who did no campaigning, and were there simply to help increase the party’s vote share.

However, after seeing details about the apparently complete lack of information about some candidates, who the Guardian is not naming, the Liberal Democrats called on Reform to provide details about them.

A Liberal Democrat source said: “This doesn’t sound right and Reform should come clean with evidence. We need Reform to show who they are. People need to have faith in the democratic process.”

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