Roundabout 'sling-shots': Is the divisive 'driving hack' legal?


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4 Jun 2021
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I've hardly ever been in a position where I've needed to do it, but I would if the roundabout is big enough. I think it's a bit hazardous on a mini roundabout as cars are coming onto it all the time, they're not expecting you to go all the way round and there's little time or space to react if a collision is imminent.

So, is it legal? Yes, with a but... see the article for why.

What is a roundabout sling-shot?

The 'roundabout slingshot' move sees drivers avoid a queue of traffic in a left-hand lane leading up to the left-hand turn on a roundabout by driving around the entire roundabout in the right-hand lane and then shooting into the destination lane, thus avoiding the queue.

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