Scandal! Ketchup and other condiments could be on the hit list


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4 Jun 2021
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These condiments cannot be allowed to die. Rise up as one and prevent this travesty from happening! 🫵

Turns out some of Britain's best loved meal accompaniments, including tomato ketchup, could soon be consigned to history as young Brits deem them "unhealthy".

A poll collecting the nation's opinions about their favourite dips, sauces and condiments found that a third (33%) of under 26-year-olds feel ketchup is past its prime, while brown sauce (29%), and English mustard (21%) are also seen as old hat.
Condiments deemed 'old fashioned' and 'outdated'

Ketchup – 33% (of under 26-year-olds think it old fashioned and out-dated)

Worcestershire sauce – 32%

Brown sauce – 29%

Mint sauce – 24%

Horseradish – 24%

Piccalilli – 24%

English mustard – 21%

Salad cream – 21%

Redcurrant jelly – 19%

BBQ sauce – 19%

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