Smart football scarf with biometric sensor to be trialled


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4 Jun 2021
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The sensor measures heart rate, body temperature, emotional responses, intelligence, yobishness and tells the fan off when misbehaving.

Sigh, if only.

From the long-gone rattle to instant replays on smart phones, football fans have long marched happily in step with the technological upgrades that enhance their match-day experiences but now comes a gadget that offers to measure their emotional response through the humble supporters’ scarf.

Select Manchester City fans will be offered a “smart scarf” next season, the latest in wearable technology that sees a biometric sensor integrated into the fabric to monitor emotional, physiological and movement data. Using an EmotiBit bio sensor that sits discreetly on the neck, The Connected Scarf, as it has been snappily dubbed, captures the body’s bio-signals throughout a match.

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