Spotify on Smart Speaker


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1 Jul 2021
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Anyone used Spotify free edition with their smart speakers?

I find their playlist wording quite confusing, eg. On my list is shows a Johnny Cash mix and lists, Patsy Cline, Roy Orbison, Jamey Johnson and more (but no listing for Johhny Cash. Same with another example, Loretta Lynn mix, lists Patsy Cline, Crystal Gayle, George Jones and more.

I have a couple of playlists saved on my profile, if I ask it to play guys playlist the speaker says 'playing guys radio from Geoff's spotify.

Guess we expect too much sometimes, suggestions are that the premium subscription is better, no idea but don't feel an overwhelming need to pay for a music subscription.

Anyone else use smart speakers with a playlist?



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10 Jul 2021
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I suspect it'll mix the tracks up a bit with ones you haven't added - as it's a way to encourage you to pay, so you get ones you actually want.
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