Swimming in Space


5 Sep 2021
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Imagine: You are having a nice swim in a swimming pool. But this particular swimming pool is in a space station in deep space. Suddenly the roof of the space station opens and all the air is sucked out, plunging it into a vacuum. The water immediately boils and you will die of asyphixiation, or having your body explode due to overwhelming pressure differences between your insides and the vacuum outside.. BUT.... do you prolong your life by hiding underwater, would you live slightly longer if you were within the body of water before it all boiled away?
If @PhysicsGuy is here, I know he will have interesting thoughts!


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4 Jun 2021
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This would go perfectly in a what-if section.

Yes, you might live a bit longer, but you'd be holding your breath. The pressure in the pool would be very low, too.

The upshot is that I'm not 100% sure!

@PhysicsGuy this one's for you. 😉
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