Televangelist TB Joshua exposé: How the disgraced pastor faked his miracles


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4 Jun 2021
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If you had any doubts that those huge televangelist churches are nothing but scams out to take your money, here's evidence of how a huge one in Nigeria operated. Heck, it's still there even though the founder, TB Joshua, has died. Make no mistake: TB Joshua was a nasty conman so the world is better off without him. Now to pick off the rest...

The BBC unmasks, for the first time, how the late Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua faked the miracles that drew millions of people to his church.

The preacher, who is accused of widespread abuse and torture spanning almost 20 years, founded his Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) in Lagos more than three decades ago. His meteoric rise to fame was closely tied to his self-professed divine powers and his supposed ability to heal the sick.

The theatrical healings - showing the physically disabled walking and on one occasion purporting to resurrect a dead person - were filmed. Along with testimonies of those he claimed to have cured, they were then sent on VHS tapes to churches across the world.

But Joshua, who died in 2021 aged 57, was a fraud. The BBC's investigation, involving more than 25 church insiders from the UK, Nigeria, Ghana, the US, South Africa and Germany, unpicks six ways in which he tricked worshippers.

I always knew these "healings" were fake and thought those people who claimed to be miraculously "healed" must be stooges, but that turns out to be only part of it. Many were tricked into it and even died as a consequence and this article explains how it happened.

And of course, his "church" continues to scam the gullible and should have been shut down long ago. Unfortunately, these kinds of "churches" also exist in the US, UK and elsewhere. Steer clear of them.

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