The cutest small TV ever: Sony WatchCube KVX-370


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4 Jun 2021
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This fascinating little cube shaped 3.7" colour TV and alarm clock combo uses the rare and fascinating beam-index tube technology, explained below.

Here, the presenter was able to buy a black one in mint condition (they also come in white). However, before turning it on, he wisely inspected the electrolytic capacitors which had all leaked, and replaced them. The TV worked fine after that.

I'd love to have one of these WatchCubes in my collection.

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Safety warning: never open a CRT based device unless you know what you're doing as they contain very high voltages which can kill you, even after switching them off.


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13 Apr 2022
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Very cute! I used to have a very small black and white TV. I don't even know what happened to Thanks for the warning on safety too!
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