The early 70s Philips "ski slope" cassette changer stereo tape deck


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4 Jun 2021
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Interesting machine with a somewhat overcomplicated and perhaps inelegant solution.

The excellent obsolete gadget review channel, Techmoan, repairs it (sorta) and then reviews its headline cassette changer feature which is fascinating to watch, while in no way selling it to me, even for the year it came out in, 1972.

What's especially notable is the extraordinary complexity of the mechanism for what's a machine with very basic functions. They really didn't spare any expense with the shear number of parts in it, so no wonder it was so expensive. Check out the screenshot to see what I mean, although it doesn't really do it justice, and then the video for the whole thing.

Oh and I just love the penny pinching single VU meter. Just how tight was that on a machine that cost so much?

Philips deck.PNG

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