The enduring mystery of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370


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4 Jun 2021
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Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on 8th March 2014 and hasn't been found since, remaining aviation's most enduring mystery. However, there have been developments, such as many pieces of wreckage found and things continue to move forward, if agonizingly slowly, so I thought I'd start this thread to track progress. Please feel free to contribute as you see fit.

After having watched several documentaries and seen and read lots of news reports over the years, it seems reasonably obvious to me that the pilot did it, especially given the weird flight path that the flight took to avoid radar detection.

Now there's pressure to resume the search:

Efforts to find Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared with 239 people on board should resume now that new equipment and data is available, expert says

The Australian government should get behind a new search for the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the man who headed up the initial search says, now that new equipment and data is available.

Peter Foley was the program director for the international effort, led by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, to find the plane. MH370 went down on 8 March 2014 with 239 people on board. The disappearance of the plane is one of the world’s greatest enduring mysteries.

Foley hopes pressure from families and the upcoming anniversary will push things in the right direction.

Thing is, unfortunately, even if they find the two black boxes (voice and data recorders) they're highly unlikely to have any data on them by now, firstly from the crash damage which would have significantly weakened them, or perhaps fatally damaged them and then from being in the ocean for almost 9 years. No black box can survive that. The best that they can hope for now is closure for the families and finding more wreckage to help figure out a bit better what happened.

I hate enduring mysteries like this and really want them to find that airplane, so just imagine how those poor families feel about it. Best of all, if such terrorist incidents never happen again.

Downed airplane.jpg
This picture from Wikipedia is of the missing airplane, tail number 9M-MRO, taking off from Charles de Gaulle Airport in December 2011.

A slightly older article from December suggests even more strongly that the pilot did it, as the damage found on a landing gear door could only happen if the gear was extended and the plane hit the water in a nose dive. This piece of debris was found in 2017, but not handed in for years.

And finally, Wikipedia as it has lots of reference information on the incident which will be updated over time:
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