The evolution of ATI / AMD Radion graphics cards (2000-2022)


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4 Jun 2021
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Usually lagging behind NVIDIA in top performance, nevertheless ATI & AMD have still achieved a lot and today's AMD cards are finally competitive again with NVIDIA, if still coming off second.

ATI was somewhat in the doldrums when AMD bought them in 2006 and, unfortunately, the purchase didn't give the performance boost that everyone hoped for, although it definitely helped.

Here are the names of all the architectures used in this time period and all have cool-sounding names in my opinion. The video of course shows which card generation went with which architecture and is well worth watching.


Rage 6
Rage 7
Rage 8

AMD / ATI (made by AMD, branded ATI)
TeraScale 2

TeraScale 3
GCN 1.0
GCN 2.0
GCN 3.0
GCN 4.0
GCN 5.0
RDNA 1.0
RDNA 2.0

RDNA 3.0 (upcoming generation)

There's quite a few embarrassing typos in this video. In particular, look out for Radion consistently mispelled as "Radioon". Stuff like this is just sloppy, especially considering how well the video is made otherwise. It could be caused by dyslexia, but that's no excuse in a professionally made video where a proofreader can go through it and fix these things. The NVIDIA version also has typos, but not as bad.

These things make a presentation look unprofessional and sloppy and I don't think should be ignored, like they usually are.

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