The guilty pleasures of eating biscuits - and their consequences


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4 Jun 2021
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Feel guilty at polishing off that packet of biscuits? On the one hand you "should" be as there are real negative health effects to doing this. On the other you shouldn't, as these damned things are specifically engineered to keep you coming back for more, so to some degree, you literally can't help it. All these things are true of me too, so I'm not sitting on my high horse here. This is why I hardly ever buy them and try to resist them when they're offered at work - occasionally a hotbed of all the wrong things to eat, especially around Christmas and new year.

Today’s biscuits, however, have been developed to a different end, suggests Dr Hameed. “They’re designed by food engineers to have a perfect bliss point – an ideal ratio of sugar, salt and fat that feels amazing and keeps us coming back for more,” says Dr Hameed.

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12 Jul 2022
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Bruh, who is rich enough to buy enough cookies for every day? Mad! I can buy a bunch of ground beef for the same price as a dozen cookies.


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13 Apr 2022
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We also try to make better choices when buying food, but somehow little snacks get in the shopping cart anyway....just a little.
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