TheC64 Firmware updates


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13 Jun 2021
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This'll really show me up for the manual-avoiding noob that I am, but of the folks who picked up TheC64, how many have kept up with the firmware updates?

I did my first today, having not previously understood that they were a possibility, let alone a necessity. Pretty much the first thing I did was look up snapshots of C64 games to chuck onto a USB stick and play, but the idea of actually updating the base machine just hadn't occurred to me... I'd kind of thought of it as a remake of the C64 with a snazzy front-end for loading some built-in games, rather than an expandable machine in its own right.

Incredibly simple as well - just download a .BIN file, stick it on the root of a USB stick, plug it in and go to the setup menu to apply. If nothing else, it comes with a stack of new games (it appears they've added a handful with each of several past updates as well) some of which are 'classics', others from the last decade.
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4 Jun 2021
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Like yourself I haven't updated mine for some time so am doubtless missing out on some new stuff. When I next pull the machine out will need to check out the latest firmware.
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