This restaurant has heard of customer service...


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4 Jun 2021
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Small American restaurant, Table, has a sky high $125 cancellation fee per person if made within 24 hours and the owner isn't shy about telling customers off for no good reason. Break out the popcorn and read the whole sorry saga at this article.

If this was my local, I'd boycott it after hearing of this bad behaviour.

In today's food news, a Boston restaurant is currently facing backlash online for its response to a customer's canceled reservation. Table, located in Boston's North End and owned by Jen Royle, was entangled in a heated exchange with a prospective customer, Trevor Chauvin-DeCaro, after he canceled his reservation on January 6 due to an alleged hospitalization.



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13 Apr 2022
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Omg, what a nightmare. I'd boycott too. Terrible treatment to a customer.

This story reminded me of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. :eek:

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