Why Japan’s war on disks could prove to be another flop


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4 Jun 2021
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You wouldn't think that one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, regularly embracing new gadgets before anyone else would be holding on to floppy discs, would you? The general public actually has to complete various functions with the government by using floppy discs rather than online! I find this hard to believe in 2022. Especially so when floppies are no longer being manufactured so people are using an ever dwindling supply of them. Idiotic.

Japan’s digital minister has declared war on floppy disks, decades after the technology became largely obsolete, but could encounter opposition from nostalgic devotees inside the country’s vast bureaucracy.

Taro Kono said he would expand his quest to rid the bureaucracy of outdated tools by phasing out disks and moving administrative procedures online.

Kono, who has already made clear his disdain for fax machines and hanko personal seals, said businesses were still required to use disks to complete 1,900 government-related procedures such as submitting applications and other documents.

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