XL2 - Reminding us how awesome the Sega Saturn is/was


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13 Jun 2021
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Looks as though I may have neglected to bring this up before now, so here's some balance-redressing: XL2 is a well-known moniker in the Sega Saturn homebrew scene, and they are currently spinning a number of exciting plates. Not content with working on a proper 3D Sonic game - Sonic Z-Treme - there's also an FPS - Hellslave - in development. This will offer a 4-player split-screen deathmatch experience with some pretty clever lighting techniques, transparency effects, etc.
Most recently, XL2 has revealed demos of a racing game - using the same engine as Hellslave - which features Gran Turismo-style reflection effects on the cars.

Note the dulling of the audio when the player goes underwater!

This one looks pretty good, but is currently a little pedestrian in terms of movement speed. That said, aside from Sega Rally, Manx TT and Daytona, that seems to have been a fairly common problem with 3D Saturn racing games...
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