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4 Jun 2021
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Tell us about the those little things that annoy you way more than their seriousness would suggest they should. You can include serious ones too, if you wish. These peeves could be about anything, not just tech.

I'll kick it off:

- My current washing machine has a tendency to turn my shirts inside out, forcing me to turn them back the right way round. How and why does it do this? My previous two machines almost never did this. I swear it doesn't like me.

- Writing littered with spelling, grammar and phrasing mistakes, especially Random Caps like this. Even if it's easy enough to tell what the writer is trying to say, it's quite grating. It's bad enough in a forum post, but twice as much in a proper article on something pretending to be a news website. This tends to happen a lot when the writer's first language isn't English, especially.


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13 Jun 2021
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Oooh. That washing machine one really struck a chord. Mine has the uncanny ability to collect about 75% of a load inside any duvet cover that might be included. And then twist it all up so it's a nightmare to separate. On a similar note, I hung up some laundry today, and accidentally almost flung one of Courtney's socks out the window when trying to shake some of the tangles out of a pair of trousers. The sock had found its way down one of the legs.

I have to confess I'm an absolute bugger for Capitalising For Effect, and I regularly receive comments on one of my blogs complaining about unnecessary and excessive use of italics. Apparently I'm a monster who causes people headaches. I am trying to rein myself in here.

My own pet peeves:
- People who stop dead at the bottom/top of a staircase or escalator, or on the other side of a ticket barrier, on the London Underground. Or those who bunch together in the narrowest part of a path, pavement or corridor, or congregate around platform entrances/exits on the Underground.
- Egregious illogical behaviour in fictional characters. Particularly the "I kept this secret from you to protect you!" cliché.
- Studio interference in movies that invariably leads to an inferior product.
- Hasbro's distribution model and marketing strategy.
- 'Mint In Sealed Box' toy collectors.
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