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4 Jun 2021
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Seeing so many fascinating videos about paradoxes and unproven conjectures, I thought it worth having it's own section, so I created one today.

These things can really get me thinking. For example, the latest one I've seen about Gabrielle's Horn is fascinating. I'll be posting about that one next and what's interesting is how in the Numberphile video, they show you mathematically how the paradox works, Up and Atom explains how there's really no paradox at all, since two different things are being compared, eg the proverbial apples and oranges. I'm not entirely convinced by that, but can see how she's come to that conclusion.

The Riemann Hypothesis is another fascinating one that's proven true for trillions of iterations in a computer, but a rigorous mathematical proof is still proving elusive.

As well as myself and anyone else creating new threads about this subject here, I'll be moving any such threads from other sections into this one.

So, what is a paradox, anyway? I'll let Vsauce2 explain it.

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