AMD 7000 series CPUs to soundly beat Intel CPUs?


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4 Jun 2021
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The upcoming 7000 series will do if the showcase benchmarks shown by AMD against Intel's 12th gen Core CPUs are to be believed. Of course, to make a proper judgement, we need to wait for comparisons against Intel's upcoming 13th gen which is shaping up to be a big uplift over 12th gen and independent reviews, which might still put Intel on top, if by a smaller margin. So, while this looks good, keep this in mind.

I'm surprised that JayzTwoCents didn't mention Intel's upcoming 13th gen which makes the video look a bit like an AMD PR puff piece. See what you think.

The one thing that we can say for sure, is that AMD is very competitive with Intel now and looks to become ever more competitive in the future and that's great for us consumers.

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24 May 2022
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The problem is that a lot of these speed numbers are often (but not always) based on micro benchmarks and not necessarily on real world performance, especially as there are plenty of other factors that come into play for performance.

Its also worth noting that a lot of software isn’t actually as CPU bound as you might think, as often systems are sat waiting on network, disk or meatsack I/O inputs.

The sad part is that each new generation of processor encourages a new low of developer laziness :(
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