Busting the myth of expensive HDMI cables


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4 Jun 2021
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Most people know that there's no difference in picture and sound quality between cheap and expensive HDMI cables. However, some still cling to the idea, misled by marketing people and so called "Hi-Fi" magazines who want to sell overpriced cables. We're talking something like £100 for a 1m cable, which is insane. It should cost no more than £2 or £3. Longer cables no more than £5 to £10.

The reason that there's no difference, of course, is because the signal is digital, ie those glorious ones and zeros that digital equipment uses. Another thing to realise is that the cable itself is no more "digital" than any other cable, such as a mains cable. It's just wires.

This article does a great job of exploding the myth and goes into a lot of detail into why there's no difference. They also do some objective testing to prove the point.

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People are also confused about the difference between the digital and analog domains. This isn't surprising, because almost everything that one reads about digital computers misleads in this area. There's a big difference between analog and analog compatible signals, which is what digital computers output.

Here's a somewhat related article that I wrote some time ago:
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