Cat steals the show in iconic RaptorX hard drive review


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4 Jun 2021
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This video reviews the iconic WD RaptorX 150GB hard drive from 2007 and compares it to a latest gen SSD. That's great for a PC enthusiast like me who happens to have one of these drives (retired) but the best bit is the reviewer's white cat which flops itself right in front of the camera at the start of the video. Needless to say, the cat stole the show and the man is a legend for having a cat! :cool:

Note that the drive reviewed was brand new in a sealed box and there was a little surprise with it...

The head access noise on this drive is LOUD! Also, the tonal quality of that noise isn't especially pleasant, so I'm surprised that the presenter didn't say anything about it. You can get a sense of what it's like from some parts of the video though.

When I eventually upgraded from it, it was mainly because I wanted to save my sanity, but the capacity was starting to get a bit small too. I upgraded to a 640GB WD Black which, being a rather newer design and shown to be a bit of a speed demon in reviews, actually had similar performance despite being 7200 rpm, unlike the 10000 rpm of the RaptorX.

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