Craziest reasons co-workers got fired?


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6 Sep 2022
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Do you have any stories of crazy reasons coworkers at your job were let go? Did you agree or disagree?

Did you miss them when they were gone?

Give us the tea!


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4 Jun 2021
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Oh, that's an interesting one.

Back in the late 90s, there was some dodgy character at work who was never especially nice to me. One day he comes up to me and wants me to download a Word template from a common PC we used in the office and give it to him on a floppy disc. I didn't think anything of it and told him to do it himself, but he absolutely insisted that I do it for him, which I found very suspicious and didn't get a straight answer when I challenged him on this. He got quite aggressive and tried to pressure me into it, but I didn't budge. He then stormed off angrily. I then told my manager about it, an investigation was made and he was fired a few days later.

It was never made clear to me why he wanted it, but apparently this template was something proprietary for the company we worked for that he could have used in some capacity to impersonate it as it had their logo on it. Good thing I didn't give it to him, or this bastard would have implicated me in whatever potential fraud he was trying to commit, I would have been in the firing line for it and perhaps lost my job like he did. I certainly dodged a bullet there, I tell you.

Did I miss him? Hell no! :ROFLMAO: It was a blessed relief without this troublemaker there anymore.


5 Sep 2021
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In this day and age of remote working, I never know when people are leaving, I just know (usually some time after ) when they have gone. Sadly we don't seem to do announcements or arrange leaving dos anymore. Perhaps I need to turn up end of every month to see if I am latching on to an impromptu leaving party!
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