Donna Summer - I Feel Love (super long mixes)


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4 Jun 2021
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There were electronic tracks before this, most notably from Kraftwerk, but this is the one that properly showed how it's done, kicking off the electronic dance music scene when released in 1977 that persists to this day and has only got better. What's amazing about it, is that it still sounds futuristic today, a massive 45 years later. Well done Giorgio Moroder, what an epic track. It was actually created in 1976 and released the following year.

Donna Summer sounds great in it, too. RIP, Donna, gone too soon.

Here's the original 6 minute version. The audio is good quality even though it's played to the original poor quality video.

Here's a 30 minute mix. It's well done and I managed to actually listen to the whole lot in one go.

This is a 60 minute version, with a forward by Giorgio Moroder. Let me know if you can actually take a whole hour of it! I've not played the whole lot yet, but it sounds good on scanning it.

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