FBI warns people to avoid public USB chargers


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4 Jun 2021
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Cuz they can be rigged with malware to hack your smartphone that's why. However, there's a very simple solution to this: buy a very small and very cheap USB adapter that connects the power lines only, no data lines. Of course, this doesn't protect against a rogue power supply behind that charging point from damaging or destroying your phone completely. The article doesn't mention any of this though, so not very good journalism there.

I connected my iPhone to a particular charging point once (don't worry, no risk of hacking) and then never again: the iPhone got really hot and the battery charged up in record time. This clearly meant that the voltage on that USB port was too high* as I've never seen this happen when connecting to a PC, or a charger plugged into the mains.

*Should be 5V +/- a small tolerance, but this must have been significantly more. I'd have liked to measure it, but I didn't have a voltmeter to connect to it.


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28 Nov 2022
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It is basically coming down to just not using anything in public areas that connect to your phone or other devices. I actually have a battery backup in all of my bags just in case.


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30 Apr 2023
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These are used widely in aussie shopping centres.
They come with a big warning that users must be responsible for anti virus software on their devices.
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